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Group Programs

Rifle, Shotgun & Pistol Courses

Rifle Class

Whether you’re considering a career change or simply looking to improve your skills, our Rifle Class offers everything you need and more. Contact us today with any questions or for more information.


Handgun Class

Our Handgun Class tends to fill up fast, so make sure to sign up today to reserve your spot. Curious to learn more about this program? Get in touch with our admissions office, they’ll be happy to help.


Nevada CCW Course

The Nevada CCW Course meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the State of Nevada. You will learn firearm safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, and safe presentation from concealment. Other items covered are Nevada gun laws, including concealed weapon laws, and justifiable use of deadly force.

Programs: Our Programs

Special Courses

We also offer courses for developing certain skill sets such as:

  • Firearms Safety Classes for Children

  • Long Range Marksmanship (Sniper) (Taught by former US Military Snipers) Must sign up in teams of two.

  • Low Light/No Light Shooting

  • Tactical Handgun/Rifle Combination Course

  • Vehicle & Home Defense

  • Handgun Retention (Refresher Course)

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